Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Of No Use

Well, last night Debra confirmed it. I'm of no use to her.

Yes, I am taking it out of context, but it's so much more fun that way! :) Actually we were discussing the effects of my work-related travel on my ability to help around the house. The conversation went something along these lines....

Debra: "I almost prefer it when you're gone for a week or so rather than gone for three days, back for one and then gone again."

Me: "Really?!? I always feel bad when I'm travelling for extended period of time..."

Debra: "Well, when you get back, you're of no use to me. It usually takes you a couple of days to recover. And all I want to do is throw stuff at you to do..."

Shawn: "Well, travel is hard...."

Yeah, I know the context really negates the whole impact of the statement. But I still think it was funny enough to write about it. I mean really, how often do you get told that you're of no use to your partner?

Not everyday, I hope!

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