Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eye Infections Suck.

Yes, they really, really do.

My father's day present from Suki was a wonderful little eye infection that doesn't seem to be going away. Now, in addition to the whole itchy, scratchy eye thing, I now have a sore throat, a sore ear and feel pretty icky.

On Monday, I went to my doctor and got a prescription for antibotic eye drops along with the instruction to call if it got worse. What I didn't ask was "what constitutes worse?" Without any real object criteria to go by, I found myself asking my spouse "does it look worse to you?"

This has been pretty much ongoing since yesterday. She's probably pretty sick of my asking, but I'm at a loss for what else to do. Finally, this morning I gave in and scheduled another doctors appointment. Just to be sure. After all, it's my eye we're talking about here. For some reason I'm more attached to it than I am to a finger, a toe or even maybe a whole foot.

It's probably on par with an arm or a leg, but I suspect if I was forced to choose, the eye would still probably come out on top. (No pun intended.)

Personally, I hate being sick. I don't do well at it. I don't like lying around doing nothing and lately, that's all I've felt like. Its very disconcerting and makes me pretty darn grumpy. (As if I'm not grumpy most of the time anyway....the peanut gallery can without their comments. Thanks.)

Okay...that's my update. Now, my recommendation - all new parents should have some kind of immunization boosters that they go through as well as the babies. Everyone I talk to says the same'll get worse until their about three. Three! That's two and a half eternities from now. Are you telling me that there's nothing we can do in the meantime? No shot we can get to help us fend off this new onslaught of diseases? C'mon doc, give me something!

Ok, I'm just whining now. I know it. It's another by-product of being sick. To spare you any more of my abuse, I'll wrap up and let you get on to your otherwise fruitful day. While I lay here grumpy and half-blind.

Enjoy yourself.

And, for goodness sake, if you're expecting a new child, get a booster shot.

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