Friday, June 20, 2008

On The Mend...I Hope

What a week. I've been on quarantine all week in an effort to keep Suki from acquiring any of the infections she so thoughfully gave me. I guess if she gave them to me, she probably couldn't get them back again, but that wasn't a chance we were willing to take.

So far the tally stands at:
  1. Pink eye in the left eye (the one that started this whole mess)
  2. Pink eye in the right eye (yippee, two for the price of one!)
  3. Ear infection
  4. Sore throat
  5. A cold (just to round everything out and make me completely miserable)

Wednesday saw me revisit my doctor and beg for relief. Now for someone who typically doesn't enjoy seeking medical attention, two visits in one week is really big news. That visit resulted in a new antibiotic eye drop formula and an oral antibiotic. Apparently, oral antibiotics don't work on eye infections and vice versa.

The good news is that now that it's Friday, I'm pretty sure I'm making progress. Healing. Slowly. All in all its made me ready for a really long relaxing weekend, which I suspect isn't going to happen. I know. Welcome to parenthood.

I also found out today that Road Runner is planning on abandoning usenet. It's always annoying when I find out that the services I'm paying for are going away while the price I'm paying continues to increase. Somehow, that doesn't seem right in my mind, but obviously I don't any influence over the decision makers unless I want to forgo my connection to the web.

Its just so interesting that in a society that is seeming committed to capitalism, we so often wind up with government-sanctioned monoplies that are rarely, if ever, challenged to reduce prices or improve services. It would be ideal if the free market really existed, but the more I think about it, we're really not interested in free market economics at all (I know, earth-shattering revelation, right?'re just wondering what took me so long to figure it out...).

I guess its just the idealist in me that find some solice in the fact that I may be able to move the market simply by purchasing or not purchasing a specific service or product. Unfortunately, I guess the idealist is tempered by the fact that there simply aren't choices for most of the products or services I pay for.

I can choose one grocery store over another, but in order to take advantage of the prices each offer over the other, I have to make two trips - one to each store and only buy the cheaper items available at each. With gas at over $4 a gallon, there have to be some significant savings to make that concept pay off.

I can choose DSL over cable when it comes to internet access, but the trade off is speed. I'm speedy...or at least I want to be when it comes to surfing/working/shopping on the internet. I simply don't have the patience to wait. And, currently with both cable and DSL, I can say that cable is definitely faster. (DSL is my back up connection - for quite a while Time Warner seemed unable to keep a connection to my house for any extended period of time making a back-up connection necessary...expensive, but necessary for someone who has to work from their home!) So, once again, there's really no equal's just not possible to compare apples to apples.

I could choose satellite TV over cable or IP TV over cable, but while they each offer television, none of them offer comparable quality of service. (Yes, I'm talking out my ass here...I only have cable and haven't had satellite or IP TV to actually experience a difference. I have, however, read a great deal about both and based on what I've read, cable is still superior for my personal use.)

It just seems ridiculous to me that I can't really exercise my pocketbook to get the services that I want for a reasonable price. I'm the one paying, why is everyone else deciding what it is that I should (or shouldn't) have?

Can someone please do something about this?

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