Sunday, December 7, 2008

Airport Dinners

Is it just Sbarro or does every pizza establishment that sells by the slice recycle old cheese pizza into pepperoni pizza? Probably every one does it, but because I most commonly eat pizza by the slice when I'm running through airports, I only notice it at Sbarro (which seems to be in every airport in the country).

How can I tell? Well, it's pretty apparent when the pepperoni aren't melted into the cheese. Instead, of being part of the pizza, they're arranged like little crowns set atop the cheese. Don't get me wrong, I still buy it, eat it and enjoy it. But I still feel like I'm eating recycled pizza. Somehow, I don't think eating recycled pizza makes me green or eco-friendly or a friend of the enviorment or whatever the eco-aligned phrase of the day is. I think it makes me a sucker.

I pay more for my beloved pepperoni on recycled cheese pizza. Sbarros loves me.

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