Sunday, May 3, 2009

Toddler-Friendly Parks, Playgrounds & Activities (South Dayton Area) - Google Maps

As a parent with a toddler that loves to play, I've realized that there are few online resources in the Dayton area that collectively identify parks, playgrounds, play areas and activities for young children in the Dayton area. Given my love for technology-based solutions, I decided to try to develop a remedy for the lack of information by tracking all of the activities I've found and hope that other (yes, I'm talking to you - sitting there at your computer reading this...) similar-minded parents and interested persons will contribute to the collaborative effort to connect our children with fun activities that keep them entertained!

I hope to focus primarily on those activities and resources that are free or low-cost, but any suggestions or contributions are welcome! I've created a map in Google Maps that will allow you to pin-point the location of any suggestions you might have as well as find activities that are near to where you may be in the Greater Dayton region. Please use the link below to view and contribute to the map! If nothing else, I hope my suggestions and finds help you when you need the help the most!

View Toddler-Friendly Parks, Playgrounds & Activities (South Dayton Area) in a larger map

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