Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mom & Dad - Somewhere in Copenhagen

My parents embarked on a month-long cruise earlier this month, after some pretty strong urging by my brother and I. Out of sheer curiosity, I wondered if I'd be able to track their ship and know when they were within cell phone range. Guess what, you can! In fact, I know that right now their ship is docked in Copenhagen, Denmark, which means they're probably out and about.

Here's how I know...

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(The green arrow on the map marks the location of their ship as of 2010-Aug-01 13:33 UTC, or 7:30 am EDT (we're six hours behind, if my math is right...but no guarantees on the math part!)

If you want know how I found the location, it's easy, I just search for their ship on and voila! Here's a link to the ships current location, just in case you're interested! Maasdam's location right now!

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