Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eyeballing The Options

I've finally broken down and ordered my first pair of glasses online. Like everyone who wears glasses, when I ordered my first pair, I was astounded at the cost. It wasn't just the cost of the lenses, but also the ridiculous cost of the frames. I just couldn't believe it!

A few months ago, I stumbled across a post about online options for ordering glasses and couldn't understand why I hadn't thought of it before. Despite the fact I shop for just about everything else online, I have no explanation for why it never occurred to me to shop for glasses online. I can only guess that the mystique surrounding eye glasses and prescriptions seemed to be something that could only be done in person.

After getting a copy of my prescription from my optometrist, I decided I'd do a little comparison shopping - starting off with the cheapest glasses I could fine and compare them to ones I've purchased from Target. I opted to purchase my glasses from Goggles4U who offered eyeglasses for $8.99 plus shipping. That definitely is verging on the unbelievable side of affordable. I ordered two pairs of basic glasses and plan to use them to compare.

I can honestly say that frame selection for the cheapest glasses wasn't impressive, but then again I was looking for cheap, not variety. I settled on two pairs that I thought were interesting, but probably not anything that I'd choose to wear long-term. My choices:

These looked fun - they're orange. How can orange not be fun? Plus I ordered the lenses tinted, thinking that they might actually be able to be used for sunglasses, but we'll see. 

In contrast to the orange, I ordered a pair of glasses with purple frames. Purple. Yep. Not sure how they'll look when I'm actually wearing them, but we'll see!
Once I've had a chance to see how they stack up, I'll make a decision about where I'm going to be buying my glasses in the future! Admittedly, this isn't really about the beauty in the frames, I'm much more concerned about whether or not I'll be able see as well with these glasses as I do with my current ones!

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